"Hindsight is always twenty-twenty. " Billy Wilder
"Hindsight is an exact science. " Guy Bellamy

31 December 2013

Way Out

Image © PeteM2020
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An empty canvas ready for 2014 - plenty of projects in mind, but which will become reality?

23 December 2013

Animaux Nuisibles

Image © PeteM2020
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Stumbled upon this window display in Paris, France - don't know how long the rats had been hanging there for, but they looked in fine condition! Last night's catch?

20 December 2013


Image © PeteM2020
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Captured this image whilst exploring Hong Kong - somewhere between Sheung Wan and Central.

28 November 2013


Image © PeteM2020
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Waiting for the train on a cold, bright morning at Southern Cross Station, Melbourne.

24 November 2013


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For some time now I’ve been toying with an idea for an altered image, but how to execute it is quite another story.  I’ll keep at it!

15 November 2013


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Confidence,  control, courage and a little bit crazy - you just have to admire their style!

11 November 2013

08 November 2013

Southern Cross

Image © PeteM2020
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An unusually quiet moment at Southern Cross railway station, Melbourne.

01 November 2013

Big Stopper ND filter

Image © PeteM2020
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Here’s an image from my experimentation with a “Big Stopper” filter (Neutral Density 3.0, 110, 1000x). Bit of fiddle to get the exposure right, but got the results I was after in the end. I’ve put together a separate webpage with more images from the day – click this link to see more!

29 October 2013

25 October 2013

Australian MotoGP

31,000 people came to the Phillip Island (Victoria) track to see the
“Big Boys“ in action. The Spaniard Jorge Lorenzo went home with the trophy and I went home with a stack of great images. Everyone a winner!

Images © PeteM2020
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22 October 2013

Supercross Championship

Image © PeteM2020
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The event was on Sunday at Phillip Island, Victoria. Here were all the ingredients that made for a great day at the motorbike races - spectacular riding skills, noise and red dust.

18 October 2013

16 October 2013


Image © PeteM2020
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14 October 2013

End of the day

Image © PeteM2020
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Cape Woolamai, Phillip Island, Victoria -  an all year round surfer's paradise.

10 October 2013

Broad Reach

Image © PeteM2020
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At 50 odd feet, she's big - everything is big and heavy. After last night's storm - vessel intact and off-duty crew sleeping. Now heading north-bound past Fraser Island at a lazy 7 knots - time to reflect on the skills of sailmaker and rigger.

05 October 2013

Up There

Image © PeteM2020
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What better than a green octopus soaring above the beach? The innocent joys of harnessing the wind  – and making happy childhood memories.

01 October 2013

29 September 2013

Well seated

Image © PeteM2020
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The train stops at several interesting old railway stations on the journey from Melbourne to Bendigo. Stopped at Trentham, my fellow traveller reflected well into his relaxed seating. From occupying four seats he now scored five!

28 September 2013

Friends in Melbourne

Image © PeteM2020
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A HDR image processed in Photomatix Pro from 3 files with exposure compensation of -2, 0, +2 f-stops. I've in the past also tried seven images with exposure compensation of -3,-2,-1, 0, +1,+2,+3  f-stops. In my experience, 7 files didn't make much, if any, difference.

24 September 2013

22 September 2013

20 September 2013


Image © PeteM2020
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Most industries proudly blazon their name across their property. That lack of branding is probably why this graphical composition, enhanced by the stark winter light, appeals to me.

Coote Island, near Melbourne.

16 September 2013

Railway Totems

Image © PeteM2020
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Although the trains are still running, I’ve no idea whether these old signals at Ballarat, Victoria, are still in use. Maybe they are just striking relics from the railway’s heydays.

25 August 2013

Corroboree Rock (Antanangantana) East MacDonnell Ranges, Central Australia

Despite it’s name, the real significance to the local Aboriginal people of this rocky outcrop is not well known. Quite a sight with the Spinnifex and Senna on the high ridges and Supplejack, Whitewood, Bloodwood and Red Mallee in the valley - even found the odd native fig at the base of the rock.

Image © PeteM2020
The small roadside sign reads “No Dogs Allowed” – looks like they might have had a dog problem a few thousand years ago!

Image © PeteM2020
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23 August 2013


Image © PeteM2020
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20 August 2013

Rail Crossing

Image © PeteM2020
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Inter-city cycling lane, Hobart, Tasmania - another image inspired by the works of Australian painter Jeffrey Smart (21 July 1921- 20 June 2013).

17 August 2013

11 August 2013

Working Late in the “Fish Bowl”

Image © PeteM2020

Here is an image made at Docklands, in Victoria, Oz. What you see is just a small crop of a large panorama I put together a few weeks ago. The finished pano can be found here: http://www.gigapan.com/gigapans/134321
Have fun, explore the image, view the panorama in full screen mode and zoom in on the details! Enjoy!  

07 August 2013

Shinkansen at Kyoto

Image © PeteM2020
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Comfortable, fast, clean and spot on time – not even a mobile phone to disturb the peace. The landscape flies past the window at 300km/h  - it’s like being at the movies, the film running at double speed. Fabulous!

04 August 2013

Escalator To Nowhere

Hamer Hall, Melbourne - Image © PeteM2020
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I know – I’m a sucker for reflected images. Found this concoction in Melbourne’s Hamer Hall. Haven’t yet worked out if the appeal lies in the visual order brought into chaos or simply the labyrinth the eye has to navigate to make sense of the image.

28 July 2013

Redshift - Speewah*

In the Australian outback, on a moonless night - I wonder if this is how Crooked Mick would see redshift from the Speewah?

Image © PeteM2020
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For more about Crooked Mick of The Speewah - 

23 July 2013

The Blue Hour

Think… 1970s, England. The Blue Hour… that time of suspended animation between pub lunchtime drinking hours and the reopening for pub evening drinking hours. I am relieved to report that common sense has since prevailed – now all-day imbibing is available!

Image © PeteM2020

Keen photographers on the other hand, carefully calculate the Blue Hour – those 20 odd minutes when the sun is just below the horizon and the light is particularly blue. For the curious, a Blue Hour calculator can be found at http://www.bluehoursite.com, and an iOS App is also available! 

19 July 2013

16 July 2013

Green World

The deep green reflections on the right caught my eye the other evening in downtown Melbourne. At first glance, I thought I was seeing a miniature version of a building - a convincing optical illusion.

Image © PeteM2020
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13 July 2013

Mobil Lubrication

Image © PeteM2020

Not what I expected to find deep in rural Victoria. This bold beauty sits in Kongwak, a small Gippsland hamlet with a population of less than 200 souls.  

08 July 2013

The Light in Winter Festival

Image © PeteM2020

Little did I know that the festival has been an annual event at Federation Square, Melbourne since 2007 – maybe I don’t get out enough!

I rather like the way this HDR (High Dynamic Range) image has captured the ambiance of the evening. (Click on the image for a larger version)

04 July 2013

Web Bridge, Docklands, Melbourne

Sure, photographing Webb Bridge is by now a bit of a clich̩, but on a cold, windy wintery night with clear skies and great colours Рwhy resist?
Image © PeteM2020
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02 July 2013

"Rubin Face" – optical illusion.

Image © PeteM2020

Rubin face or the figure-ground vase is a famous set of ambiguous or bi-stable two-dimensional forms developed around 1915 by Danish psychologist Edgar Rubin.  (Just what you were dying to find out!)

I spent some time in Photoshop fiddling with this image to get the illusion to work – take too much away, or not enough, and it falls apart.  I’m quite chuffed with the final result!

01 July 2013

Mark Rothko

Image © PeteM2020
When I found this scene, the Russian born American artist Mark Rothko came to mind. The distinct colour palate, the way this window has been constructed and placed low on the wall conjured up memories of his mid 1950’s paintings.

“I also hang the pictures low rather than high, and particularly in the case of the largest ones, often as close to the floor as is feasible, for that is the way they are painted.” – M. Rothko

28 June 2013

A Tall Rat’s View

I was very taken by Oliver Fluck’s 2011 “A Rat’s View” night-time New York image showing the Chrysler Building. This image is my inspired copy. I felt that Flinders Street Station might be the answer, but I’ll keep hunting for other suitable Melbourne landmarks and shorter rats!

Image © PeteM2020
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23 June 2013


Tonight was the 2013 perigee full moon – got out a long lens and took these at about 17:45 and 21:00 (est) near Melbourne. Too cold for howling dogs tonight – even the frogs are quiet!

(Taken at 17:45)      Image © PeteM2020

(Taken at 21:00)       Image © PeteM2020

21 June 2013

Fog in the Yarra Valley

Image © PeteM2020
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It’s that time of the year again – cold, crisp mornings with frost and plenty of fog in the valley. This was a spectacle just too good to ignore, so using a long lens, I snapped a few frames and put together this panorama.