"Hindsight is always twenty-twenty. " Billy Wilder
"Hindsight is an exact science. " Guy Bellamy

28 March 2010

(Photoshop) Self-portrait

Scumble is to me one of those great onomatopoetic words that stick in the mind. Just love it, don’t know how to do it, but love it nevertheless. However, as I stated that I was off to the studio (machinery shed) to do some scumbling, the announcement was simply greeted with "Close the door behind you and don’t frighten the (neighbour’s) horses".

I found it a bit unnerving standing in front of the easel (modified step ladder) seeing myself on the canvas with a silly grin, covered in masking tape and looking a bit like Norman Gunstone on a bad day. A glass of Shiraz, however, steadied the nerves and I was soon scumbling away to my hearts content.

The dog and I must have fallen asleep (I blame the diesel fumes from the tractors), because the next thing I remember was my muse pointing at the masterpiece and exclaiming with a loud voice "Looks like you had a bit of trouble with the fake tan!"

Dog barking, horses stampeding!

Photo: before lip-gloss

25 March 2010

Paint on, paint off!

Graffiti seems to fall into the category of art that is either loved or hated. In my humble opinion some of it is very good, and I can only admire the artists that do it well, particularly bearing in mind that much of the work is done in the dead of night.

It must have been very dark two nights ago, because the artists that decorated one of our walls were showing neither a great level of artistic aptitude, nor the ability of spelling simple profanities. However, the Council’s graffiti police had no problems interpreting the message and demanded that I remove all evidence of the artwork within 48 hours. Or else!!

Funny isn’t it, I am the victim of a ‘crime’, but I will be punished if I don’t make good on Council’s demands. I told them I rather liked the work (a lie) and that what they had written was nothing more offensive than words used by Prime Minster Keating in parliament (true).

However, a protracted argument with the graffiti police proved fruitless, so the rest of the day was spent removing juvenile art rather than me painting amateur art! Now I have a large empty canvas, and I’ve got big plans. Just you wait!

Hosier Lane, Melbourne.Photo ©PeteM 2010

20 March 2010


Potter Gallery, Hosier Lane, 45 Down Under and ACMI, but to mention a few, were a diverse experience with many highlights and a sampler for further photo opportunities. I think we all enjoyed the outing, and I found it very inspirational.

Seeing James in full flight doing an amazing computer aided shadow puppet show at ACMI was memorable. The performance should have been recorded!

Thank you David, for a well-planed outing.

The images are a bit of Photoshop fun made up from photos taken at NGV and Hosier Lane. Enjoy !

16 March 2010


‘Sleep on it’ was the mantra at home when the going got tough. Yesterday’s problems often seem smaller and more manageable in the morning after a night’s rest.

 Photo: © PeteM2010

And what a morning it has been! Looking out over the Yarra Valley from the bedroom window, seeing the sun just peeping over the horizon and gently lighting up the fog in the valley was breathtaking. The hilltops were showing off silhouetted trees and the light on the swirling fog constantly changed hues, as the sun ascended in the sky. I was momentarily mesmerized by nature’s art. Problems and frustrations – what problems and frustrations?

I’m ready for the day! 

* Morpheus - in Greek mythology, the god of dreams and sleep, and son of Hypnos

11 March 2010

Just one more brick!

As a child, whale meat was part of the staple diet. Never enjoyed it much, but having a BRICK as a tenderising tool would have been great! I took this picture in a Tokyo supermarket a few months ago. Picture title: "Japanese research to benefit the masses'.

10 March 2010

The Banana

Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it. (Greg Anderson) It is just one month since the start of this artistic journey, and wow, what an eye-opening trip it has been so far. However, as some of my fellow travellers can attest to, the right hemisphere feels a bit battered and bruised at this stage.

It was with great angst, fine Canson paper and Conte crayons that I embarked on recording the precise engineering that underpins the vegetable world. In this case, a not so humble cabbage! Initially the markings on the paper were rather tentative, but as confidence mounted, the darker colours were laid down with gusto. Then highlights and finer detail; time disappeared.

On returning home, I put a photo of the day's effort on the TV screen for general acclaim and comment. "L-o-v-e the banana  -  really quite life like" quipped the nearest and dearest. Hm - I can see an urgent need for practising drawing stoneware bowls and vases!

I take solace from Marian Wright Edelman: If you're afraid of criticism, don't say anything, don't do anything, and don't be anything. OK, OK, Marian - I'll soldier on!

08 March 2010


By popular demand from the ladies - here it is! Just click on the picture for a larger version of the Paris Shoe Shop:

06 March 2010

The Louvre

My trusted travel companion suggested one day that instead of queuing up with all the tourists, paying exorbitant entry fees at the endless museums and galleries, we instead queue up with all the tourists at the endless shops along the Champs Elysee. And it is free entry! Don’t be sucked in folks – the exit fees can make a grown man faint! The little ensemble in the picture above was presented to us as a steal at ONLY about $4000. I escaped with my happy snap, shirt still on my back and credit card intact.

Drawing on black paper with conte crayons was another new fascinating experience. I found the mixing together of colours, building up layers, creating highlights and shadows extremely challenging, difficult, yet pleasing. However, with guidance and (interactive) help from a friend – the image of the skull took on a satisfying (satisfied) look.

Standing back and looking at the finished picture instantly brought back memories of Paris shoe-shops. Here was my answer to Prada, Manolo Blahnik and Jimmy Choo - eat your hearts out guys, I am going into the shoe design business next!

About 50 uses for bricks!

OK - here is my list of possible uses for a brick, or bricks. Is it 50?? Click the brick and you count!

01 March 2010

No Laughing Matter

Whilst busily setting up for the ‘bottle project’ outside, I was suddenly, completely distracted by raucous laughter.  A family of Kookaburras, perfectly lit by the sun, were carrying on quite close by.

I grabbed the camera, carefully framed and focused the image and then pressed the shutter button. But rather than the familiar click – nothing happened. Instead an orange message in the viewfinder flashed at me: ‘CARD FULL’.  The memory card, quickly formatted, had me ready to retake the picture in a flash. Of course, by now all but one of the birds had gone – just like all the pictures on my memory card. Rats!

Now I only have this image of the Kookaburra instead of Fridays’ images of my De Chirico model. Cheers – (ha ha ha more raucous laughter!)